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    Solar Thermal Heater Systems

    100 sets of the solar thermal heater system that cover a surface of around 200 square meters on the roofs of Gateway Apartments were installed in 2009, which was a milestone achievement of our commitment to environmental protection.
    The system harvests solar energy to heat Gateway Apartments’ hot water system. The panels offset more than 70 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of planting 3,000 trees per year.

    Filtration and Sterilizing System for Flush Water

    In 2012, a new green initiative was the introduction of a Filtration and Sterilizing system for Flush Water, which will reduce the disposal of 2.4 tons of chemical liquid per year.

    Environmental Friendly Committee & Other Green Measures

    The Environmental Friendly Committee is eager to promote environmental awareness and review green policies amongst its Associates and Residents. Policies & measures such as using energy saving light bulbs & re-chargeable batteries, installing water saving shower heads and taps in all apartments, as well as using bio-degradable cleaning, laundry and dishwashing detergents etc. In addition, public lighting is monitored by sensors and special day/night lighting mode is programmed and controlled by timers, to minimize energy wastage. All measures are advocated by the committee, in order to provide a sustainable luxury lifestyle to the Residents.