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    Penthouse 2 Bedrooms
    The spacious living space feels both warm and cozy for family enjoyment.
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    Penthouse 3 Bedrooms

    The penthouse features a spacious and glamorous setting comparable to that of a mansion. Its enormous living room is equipped with full-height panoramic windows, overlooking views of the tranquil greenery of Kowloon Park or Victoria Harbour. The master bedroom has plentiful space and includes a fashionable dressing room and a bathroom that comes with a massage tub for blissful relaxation at home.

    2 Bedrooms + Study Room

    With a close view of the urban life in Kowloon, the unit delivers an enchanting sight featuring the International Commerce Centre, International Finance Centre and the charming Victoria Harbour. Its master room includes an embedded wardrobe and a mega-sized master bathroom. The study room, connected to the living room, offers the flexibility to be converted into a private bedroom or a resting space.

    Kowloon Park
    Kowloon Park
    Victoria Harbour